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I. Category and Application
Classify by function: Plate type cooler, plate type heater
The plate type cooler is used for cooling lubricating oil, fresh water or acid-base media on power equipment.
The plate type heater is used for heating fresh water and drinking water.

II. Structure features:
the plate type heat exchanger has a compact look, occupies small room and is convenient to remodel, repair and clean. The plate has a ripple shape, including horizontal and straight ripple, zig-zag ripple, oblique ripple and vertical ripple. Thanks to the special structure of the plate, the plate type heat exchanger has excellent heat transfer performance.
Structure chart of plate type heat exchanger
1) fixing and pressing plate
2) Plate piece
3) Pad piece
4) Connection tube, flange
5) Upper and lower guide rods
6) Rolling device
7) Movable pressing plate
8) Strut
9) Clamping stud and nut

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